Recording my calls and downloading them after the call is amazing!

Leonard Mckinney

I'm calling a lot of countries around the world because of my job and Rescord has fantastic prices!

Camille Stone

Voice effects are just amazing :D Try police sirence effect to save your friends from boring meetings.

Sabrina Roffe

Creating your own call screen is just amazing!

Ralph Badman

Record Calls!

You can record both incoming/outgoing calls via Rescord+

Voice Effects

You can change your voice with 30 sound effects, surprise your friends :)

Amazing Call Screens

Create your own call screens!

Outgoing Caller ID

You can show your desired phone number on the other party's screen!

Suprising Prices!

You can call the whole world at very affordable prices, receive calls and send and receive SMS.

Dozens Of Themes

You can also use fantastic call screens created just for you!

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